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9 Trends in Pastoral and Church Staff Compensation

Many factors go into the the various levels of compensation for pastors and church staff. (iStock photo)

Some of these factors in how much pastors and church staff might come as a surprise to many.


5 Ways to Use the Offering to Enhance Financial Stewardship

Church offering
Does your church take any or all of these suggestions into consideration when it comes to the offering? (iStock photo)

How does your church handle offering time? Here are some suggestions to help boost your congregation's attitudes about giving.


10 Myths About Biblical Prosperity

Bible and money

There are many misconceptions that a lot of people hold about Christians and wealth. Here are only a few.


3 Reasons the Culture of Church Giving Changed

The culture of tithing
The culture of church tithing has changed in many ways in recent years. (iStock photo)

Here are some explanations for how the concept of tithing at many churches has become dysfunctional.


‘I Love You, Now Give Me Money’

Do you know of any ministerial leaders who manipulate people for money?
Do you know of any ministerial leaders who manipulate people for money? (iStock photo)

Here's why pastors must always be wary of the temptation to manipulate people, whether intentionally or not.


6 Reasons to Preach the Word About Money

Pastors should preach about money. Here's why.
Pastors should preach about money. Here's why. (iStock photo)

Many people believe that pastors have an affinity for talking about money in their sermons. Brandon Cox says the opposite is true, and that it's a necessity for individuals. Here's why.


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