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Without This, You Can’t Preach a Great Sermon

Pastor without love
Without love, a pastor's sermon won't be received well. (Lightstock)

You may be the best orator in the world, but without this one ingredient, your sermons will be mediocre at best.


Are You Using God as a Crutch?

Has God become a crutch for you?
Has God become a crutch for you? (iStock photo)

Has God simply become a heavenly entity to lazily lean upon to do His work for you?


For Powerful Preaching, Listen to the Spirit

George O. Wood
George O. Wood

Here's why preaching that comes with the Holy Spirit's direction and anointing results in changed lives.


The Keys to Becoming an Empowered Leader

Robert Morris
Robert Morris

Jesus could serve and delegate authority with confidence because He knew these three things.


Pastor, What Does Your Quiet Time Look Like?

Are you able to enjoy a daily quiet time with the Lord?
Are you able to enjoy a daily quiet time with the Lord? (Lightstock)

More than anyone else, pastors need to make room in their days for time spent in God's presence.


Rick Warren: 5 Reasons We Fail

Crisis and failure
Do you allow your failures to keep you down? (iStock photo)

Everybody experiences defeats in life. What do you do when disappointments come your way?


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