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10 Traits of Pastors With Healthy Long-Term Tenure

Do you plan on enjoying a long-term tenure in your current church? (Lightstock)

What characteristics do you see in long-term healthy pastorates, specifically from the perspective of the pastor?


10 Dangerous Distractions for a Pastor

Pastor distraction
Are you in danger of allowing any of these distractions to interrupt your ministry? (Lightstock)

Whether it's blatant sin or simple neglect, here are some life situations that can get pastors into real trouble.


6 Recurring Themes in Filling Pastoral Vacancies

Job interview
For various reasons, many churches are taking longer these days to fill a pastoral vacancy. (iStock photo)

Some churches experience roadblocks when it comes to hiring a new pastor. Here are some of them and why they are so frustrating.


Why Christianity Has an Image Problem

Angry Christian
Are we to blame for the negative attitude non-believers have toward Christians? (iStock photo)

Why does the media portray Christians in such a negative light? What are we doing to deserve such criticism?


5 Ways to Take the Sting Out of Criticism

How do you respond to criticism? Do you let it fester. and do you let it consume you? (iStock )

How do you grow from your critics? How do you make sure the criticism doesn't consume you? 


What to Do When Your Church Culture Changes

Church services
Do you simply go with the flow when positive changes occur in your church? (Lightstock)

Are you living in the past, or are you growing along with the members of your congregation?


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