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A Sad Tale: The Narcissistic Christian Leader

The narcissistic leader is full of himself, not Jesus. (iStock photo)

God gave leaders intellect and keen skills. But what happens when the leader takes that and demands excessive attention?


Why Good Leaders Sometimes Allow a Little Chaos and Confusion

A little chaos among the staff may not be such a bad thing.
A little chaos among the staff may not be such a bad thing. (Stock Free Images)

Does this sound counterproductive? Here are some reasons why it may be good to have a little turmoil within the staff.


Charisma vs. Character: Which Is More Important for Leaders?

Rick Warren
Rick Warren (Facebook)

Hitler, Marx and Mussolini all had charisma. But isn't character much more crucial for a leader?


How to Use Another Pastor’s Sermon

Sermon preparing
Is it time to panic when you're on deadline and don't have a sermon prepared? (Lightstock)

It's Saturday night and you don't have a message prepared for your congregation for the next morning's service. What do you do?


How to Set the Example Without Killing the Morale

Boss at work
What kind of example are you setting as a leader? (iStock photo)

As a leader, what kind of example do you set for your subordinates? Do you make a big deal of things, or do you quietly go about your business?


2 Signs of Abusive Church Authority

Woman mouth taped shut
Are there any abuses of authority you've seen inside your church walls? (Stock Free Images)

Does your church authority demand submission? Here are some red flags that your church may be going beyond the boundaries of biblical authority.


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