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Americans Believe in Heaven, Hell and a Little Bit of Heresy

Heaven or hell
A recent LifeWay Research study yielded surprising results about what many Americans believe about heaven and hell. (iStock photo)

A recent LifeWay Research study about Americans' theological views produced some very interesting results.


The Early Church Didn’t Avoid Teaching the Rapture

Contrary to some opinions, the rapture of the church was talked about in church circles prior to the 19th century. (Lightstock)

Contrary to some opinions, the doctrine of the translation of the church to heaven before the Great Tribulation was actually mentioned in the early centuries.


To Be a Great Leader, You Must Be a Reader

Reading and leading
Outside of the Bible, how much do you read? (iStock photo)

Here are four reasons why reading is essential. If you're going to lead, shouldn't you be thinking further in advance than the people who you're leading?


5 Simple Steps to Finishing Worship Songs

Writing songs
Do you often find yourself struggling to finish songs? Here are some tips to help. (Lightstock)

Worship leaders, when writing lyrics for music, there's a tendency to believe they can always be better. Here are some suggestions that will help you complete the process.


5 Reasons Why Every Pastor Should Journal

Pastor journaling
Do you journal? Here's why you should. (Lightstock)

Are you a leader who writes down his random thoughts at any time during the day? Find out how it could be beneficial for you in your role.


4 Types of Church Leaders Resistant to Revitalization

Pastor in church
Are you a leader who is trying to take his church to the next level? (Lightstock)

Are you trying to take your church to the next level with God, or are you simply resting on your laurels?


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