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As a Pastor, Do You Struggle With This?

Bible reading
Pastor, are you reading your Bible every day? (Lightstock)

Some might not want to admit it, but they do. But it hinders you from a crucial part of who you are.


Be Transformed by God’s Mercy

Man praying
God's mercy can transform you beyond recognition. (iStock photo)

Mike Bickle made me see Romans 12 in a different light.


7 Ways Pastors and Church Staff Find Jobs

Job interview
Navigating your way through employment searches can sometimes be frustrating for church staff personnel. Here are some tips to help. (Lightstock)

Here are tips for helping pastors and church personnel find success in their search for employment, should it ever become necessary.


Unenviable Task: Finding a New Senior Pastor

Senior pastor search
The search for a new senior pastor is an uneviable task for any church. (iStock photo)

Here are seven guidelines to follow when searching for a new senior pastor.


Dump Your Doubt, Take the Risk and Lead Forward

Sky dive
Are you bold enough to take risks with your ministry? (Wikimedia commons)

Are you paralyzed by fear of failing? What other fears do you fight as a minister of the gospel?


Playing Little Preacher Games With Holy Scripture

Do you sometimes try to make scripture dance to your tune?
Do you sometimes try to make scripture dance to your tune? (Lightstock)

Here's why playing fast and loose with God's Word in order to make it dance to our tune is never Christ honoring. It's always wrong.


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