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'Follow Your Heart' and 3 Other Potentially Dangerous Theories About Knowing God's Will

God's will

Where do we find God's will? There are several popular teachings that may sound good but actually could lead you down the wrong path.


Apostolic Keys for Activation and Implementation from Nehemiah

Are you a leader of words or action?
Are you a leader of words or action? (iStock photo)

Nehemiah was a man of action. Here are some of the things that made his ministry—and possibly can make yours—successful.


3 Hard Questions for Preachers

Steve Murrell
Steve Murrell (Facebook)

Here's a short list of questions that every preacher—and church head—should be asking themselves.


How to Avoid Being a Wimpy Leader

Fearful pastor
Do your apprehensions and fears limit your abilities to preach the gospel? (iStock photos)

If you find yourself falling into that category, what can you do to change your circumstances? How can you confront your fears head-on?


7 Ways to Become an Indispensable Youth Leader

Youth leader
How do you make yourself indispensable as a youth leader? (Lightstock)

Every employee wants to feel needed. Here are some things youth leaders can do to make themselves more attractive as a worker when jobs are on the line.


12 Reasons for Optimism About the Future for Local Churches

Thom Rainer
Thom Rainer (Facebook)

Despite his recent writings about the decline of the church, LifeWay's Thom Rainer says there's plenty of reason for hope.


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