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Rick Warren: The Ultimate Goal of Preaching

What should be the ultimate result of your preaching?
What should be the ultimate result of your preaching?

Find out what Saddleback Church’s Rick Warren says there’s one objective for which every preacher should strive. Find out what that is.


When the Preacher Needs Help and No One Will Tell Him

Godly pastor
Would you mind if someone corrected you for a sermon you gave? (Lightstock)

Correcting a preacher is not a task most anyone wants to undertake. However, find out why it is a necessary evil sometimes.


When Preachers Feel Out of Sync on Sunday

Frustrated pastor
When in doubt, preach the Word and from your heart. (Lightstock)

Most pastors realize that every Sunday sermon isn’t going to be a big hit. Here’s what to do in the times when you’re feeling inadequate in the pulpit.


2 False Assumptions to Leave Behind When You Preach

Pastor authority
Do you assume that everyone is interested in what you're preaching? (Lighstock)

When you step into the pulpit, you may take some things for granted. Find out why that’s dangerous.


Does Your Preaching Work in Real Life?

Man in prayer

What happens when people in your church face a real-world situation? Are they ready to take on the decisions involved?


Sometimes Saying Less Is More—But Rarely

Pastor preaching
Sometimes less is more when it comes to your sermons. (Lightstock)

Joe McKeever says preachers should preach the gospel with words. But if word inflation has undermined their value, do your good works and leave it all with the Lord.


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