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How to Reignite Your Passion for Ministry

Passion ministry
Do you still have a burning passion for ministry? (96dpi)

How’s your passion level for Christ these days? Do you need a fresh spark of enthusiasm?


Impact Nations: The Weightier Matters

Pope Francis
Pope Francis (Reuters file photo)

Pope Francis says the church has locked itself up in small-minded rules. Have you moved to the center of what Jesus says is really important in life, or are you stuck in the margins?


20 Questions Before You Preach

Pastor checklist
What do you consider about your sermon before you preach it? (Lightstock)

Do you have a checklist of questions about your sermon before you start preaching? Here are a few suggestions.


10 Ways Some Preachers Undermine Confidence in God’s Word

How can you avoid undermining God's Word? (Lightstock)

Do you sometimes fall into these ways, or do you encourage God's people to love His Word more and to make full use of it during the week?


Rick Warren: The Ultimate Goal of Preaching

What should be the ultimate result of your preaching?
What should be the ultimate result of your preaching?

Find out what Saddleback Church’s Rick Warren says there’s one objective for which every preacher should strive. Find out what that is.


When the Preacher Needs Help and No One Will Tell Him

Godly pastor
Would you mind if someone corrected you for a sermon you gave? (Lightstock)

Correcting a preacher is not a task most anyone wants to undertake. However, find out why it is a necessary evil sometimes.


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