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How to Know When Your Sermon Is Ready

Pastor sermon
Are you always confident that your sermon is ready to be delivered? (Lightstock)

Are you a prepared preacher? Here are some suggestions to help you have confidence that you’re ready to preach.


A Call to Ministry Is a Call to Bleed

Are you bleeding for the gospel of Christ?
Are you bleeding for the gospel of Christ? (Lightstock )

If you knew exactly what you were getting into, would you still want to enter the ministry? What would make you rethink that strategy?


10 Preaching Errors Pastors Can Avoid

In the pulpit, do you try to be somebody that you're not?
In the pulpit, do you try to be somebody you're not? (Lightstock)

If you want to help your hearers focus on God and think on God when they leave your sermon, here are 10 things you simply cannot do.


Are You a Prophet or an Orator?

Orator or prophet
Are you simply an orator, or are you a true preacher of the Word? (Lighstock)

Do you simply make your congregation feel good with a few inspirational verses, or are you teaching them the Word?


What Is the Gospel Message?

When we present the gospel, are we presenting God's heart and passion?

Are you preaching the Good News about life with God and about His heart?


Sherman Cox: Nonconventional Preaching

Black pastor
Do you preach an uncompromised gospel? (Lightstock)

To the worldly minded, some aspects of the gospel of Christ may not make sense. Do you preach an uncompromised gospel?


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