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10 Traits of Pastors With Healthy Long-Term Tenure

Do you plan on enjoying a long-term tenure in your current church? (Lightstock)

What characteristics do you see in long-term healthy pastorates, specifically from the perspective of the pastor?


Fasting in the Life of a Pastor

Prayer and fasting
Pastor, when is the last time you fasted and immersed yourself in prayer? (Lightstock)

Is fasting simply a hoop you jump through to get God's attention? Or is it something you do voluntarily for spiritual cleansing?


Are You Using God as a Crutch?

Has God become a crutch for you?
Has God become a crutch for you? (iStock photo)

Has God simply become a heavenly entity to lazily lean upon to do His work for you?


Pastor, What Does Your Quiet Time Look Like?

Are you able to enjoy a daily quiet time with the Lord?
Are you able to enjoy a daily quiet time with the Lord? (Lightstock)

More than anyone else, pastors need to make room in their days for time spent in God's presence.


8 Ways to Represent God in This World

Godly pastor
Are you allowing the Bible to determine how you represent God? (Lightstock)

Here's how the Bible instructs us to behave and how to present the gospel to non-believers.


6 Principles That Clarify What Faith in Ministry Looks Like

Rick Warren
Rick Warren

Is your ministry motivated by the pleasure of God or by some worldly force?


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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