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5 Ways Emotions Can Help or Hurt a Pastor’s Leadership

Pastor emotions
Pastor, are you able to keep your emotions in check when necessary? (iStock photo)

Understanding how emotions can work for you or against you is key to becoming a healthy leader and cultivating a healthy culture on your team.


What Is Your Response to This Age of Lawlessness?

Are you responding to this chaotic and lawless society in selifshness or in love?
Are you responding to this chaotic and lawless society in selifshness or in love? (Facebook)

Are we keeping our love for people alive, even in an age when rejecting Jesus is the cultural thing to do?


5 Insights I Have Learned About Failure

Remember, just because you make mistakes it doesn't make you a failure. (Lightstock )

Just because you have failed doesn't mean you're a failure. What valuable lessons have your past failures taught you?


How Pastors Can Avoid the Sin of Pride

Prayer humility
When was the last time you humbled yourself before the Lord? (Lightstock)

Do you die every day to yourself, as it says in 1 Corinthians 15:31? How often do you humble yourself before the Lord?


Has the Church Become Like Samson?

Bored at church
Like Samson, has the church fallen asleep, completely oblivious to its worldly lusts? (Lightstock )

Have we gotten so caught up in the pleasures of our worldly lusts that our devotion to Christ has been compromised? Are we deaf to the Holy Spirit's conviction?


3 Lies Some Youth Pastors Tell Themselves

Youth pastor lies
Youth pastor, what lies are you telling yourself? (iStock photo)

Are these some things of which you've convinced yourself? How can you remedy the situation?


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