20 Words of Advice For Young Pastors

young pastor
Young pastor, what do you think of these words of wisdom? (Lightstock )

If you're just starting out in ministry and trying to get a foothold, here are some suggestions to which you may want to pay heed.


5 Common Mistakes Young Pastors Make

Young pastor
Young pastors are prone to mistakes, but it's all a part of God's plan. (iStock photo)

If you could write a letter to yourself 10 years ago, what would you say? What would you tell yourself to focus on or shy away from?


10 Reasons Bivocational Ministry Matters

Bible and hammer
Bivocational pastors are making a difference in the ministry these days.

The trend may not have been relevant in the past, but find out why pastors who work 2 jobs are beginning to make a big difference for God's Kingdom.


How to Make Your Ministry Thrive Through Dry Spells

Dog Days of August
As a ministerial leader, how are you handling the dog days of August? (iStock photo)

Have the dog days of August got you feeling a bit lethargic or discouraged? Here are some things for ministry leaders to remember when you're feeling physically and emotionally fatigued.


What to Do When Pressing Deadlines Come Crashing Down on You

Pressing deadlines
How you handle it when you come under constant deadline pressure? (iStock photo)

How do you handle such a situation? Here are five "P's" that can help you when you're harried and hurried.


Are You Sure God Really Called You Into the Ministry?

Did God send you to preach or did you simply show up?
Did God send you to preach or did you simply show up? (Lightstock)

Bishop Joseph Mattera asks if a person cannot submit to a process of biblical training and character development in the context of a local church, then how can they be properly prepared to shepherd a flock under God?


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