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How to Survive Going From Awesome to Awful

Do you, as a pastor or leader, take things in stride, or do you stew about criticism? (Lightstock Photo)

It's difficult to please everyone all of the time. Here is some advice for the times when people do a complete 360-degree turn about their feelings for you and your work.


Who Is Responsible for the Pastor’s Joy?

Has your congregation shown appreciation for you during Pastor Appreciation Month?
Has your congregation shown appreciation for you during Pastor Appreciation Month? (h.koppdelaney)

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Have you felt appreciation from your congregation?


Why So Many Pastors Are Leaving the Ministry—and How to Stop It

Mark Brewer
Mark Brewer

Mark Brewer suddenly found himself with a new calling after dealing with numerous church leaders who left the ministry in frustration. Find out what his Ministry Lab is all about.


Only God: A Pastor’s Confession

Photo of Greg Atkinson
Greg Atkinson

God did something amazing in my heart recently (but it’s not about me). God did something amazing in our church (but it’s not about us).

I could share stories and testimonies with you all day (and maybe one day I will), but right now they’re too dear and precious to my heart. They’re too fresh. I know you understand.


7 Reasons Pastors Burn Out

emotional-pressure-smallI heard the story again last week. A pastor I know announced his resignation. No moral failure. No severe crisis at the church. No major family problems. No sickness. He was simply burned out. That’s how he described it. He said he had gotten to the point that he was having trouble putting one foot in front of the other.

So he quit, without another job. His church family was stunned.

I admit I haven’t seen recent statistics on pastoral burnout but, at least anecdotally, it’s high. It seems that hardly a week goes by that I don’t hear another story of a burnout victim in pastoral ministry.


Prayer and Fasting in the Life of a Pastor

Praying-man-standingPrayer and fasting is one of the most neglected spiritual disciplines in the life of the pastor. We know that prayer and fasting was not only a part of the lifestyle of many major leaders in the Scripture, but even in the life of Jesus Christ. Therefore, I want to focus on prayer and fasting in the life of the pastor.

What Is It?

Fasting is abstinence from food with a spiritual goal in mind. It is when you neglect the most natural thing your body desires, which is food, in order to pursue the God of heaven to do something supernatural in your life. Prayer and fasting is not a hoop you jump through in order to try to catch the attention of God. It is far more significant than a self-determined tactic to get God’s attention. We cannot manipulate God.


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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