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10 Dangerous Distractions for a Pastor

Pastor distraction
Are you in danger of allowing any of these distractions to interrupt your ministry? (Lightstock)

Whether it's blatant sin or simple neglect, here are some life situations that can get pastors into real trouble.


10 Judgments of Jesus Against the Church’s Religious Systems

Judgments of Jesus
Truly, God cannot be contained in a temple, an institution, a denomination, or any one religious system. (Lightstock)

Here's what happens to a church leader when he or she becomes captivated by their religious system or dead institution.


7 Warning Signs of Affairs for Church Pastors and Other Staff Members

Pastor regret
Have these warning signs popped up in your life? Have you paid attention?

Most times, it’s easy to see it coming. Do you adamantly avoid situations like these?


Doug Stringer: The Pulpit Is Responsible

Pastor mistakes
Are those in the pulpit responsible for the church's behavior? (Lightstock)

God-inspired preaching bears legitimate fruit. But author Doug Stringer says if the church is degenerate and worldly, those in the pulpit are to blame.


The Most Neglected Teaching in the Church

Bob Russell
Bob Russell

The church is losing credibility because of the lack of practiced discipline. Find out why that is happening.


Restoring Integrity in the Pulpit

While there are no clear scriptural guidelines for it, restoring fallen pastors should follow a process. (Lightstock)

Though there are no clear scriptural guidelines to follow in restoring a fallen pastor, here is a process that can help.


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