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10 Reasons I Left the Institutional Church and Sought the Ekklesia

Church building
Do you think of your church as an 'institutional' church?

Do you think of your local church as the "institutional church"? Here’s why Frank Viola says you may want to give that pattern of thinking some reconsideration.


11 Reasons Pastors Are Trusted Less Today

Pastoral depression
Why are pastors trusted less and less these days? (Lightstock)

Why are pastors no longer held in high esteem? What is behind the precipitous drop in favorable ratings almost every year?


Should the Church Prepare for the Fall of America?

ripped flag
Will the church be ready if America falls/ (IStock photo)

Will the United States suffer a full collapse or a huge shakeup in the near future? If it does, will the church be ready?


7 Predictions for American Churches in 2014

Thom Rainer
Thom Rainer (Facebook)

LifeWay Christian Resources President Thom Rainer gives his thoughts on what he believes will happen in the church in the upcoming year.


2013: God, Clergy and Congress Poll Numbers Down, Darwin’s Up: Who’s to Blame?

Dan Cummins
Dan Cummins

Charles Finney’s answer for America is not bipartisan cooperation on the debt-ceiling crisis, but rather that "we need more sons of thunder in the pulpit." Where are the Charles Finneys of this generation?


Should Pastors Speak Out on Social Issues?

Abortion photo
Do pastors have an obligation to speak out on the moral and social issues of the day? (Darrell Byers/Reuters)

Find out why Bishop Joseph Mattera says pastors have an obligation to take public stands on relevant social and moral issues.


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