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It’s Time to Rewrite the Race, Religion and Gay Narrative

Bigot definition
(iStock photo)

With all of the race baiters, anti-religious bigots and gay haters out there, is it any wonder that nobody in society can do right these days? And what is the church doing to combat this?


Why Do We Put ‘Christian Celebrities’ on a Pedestal?

Christian artist Vicky Beeching
Christian artist Vicky Beeching recently announced to the world that she is gay. (Facebook)

When well-known preachers and Christian artists fall, it shocks us. But could that be because we sometimes elevate them to a status reserved only for God?


Are Social Issues Taboo For Pastors?

Bishop Joseph Mattera
Bishop Joseph Mattera

Would Jesus not preach against the sex-slave trade or child abuse today?


3 Ways to Address Challenging and Sensitive Subjects in the Pulpit

Pastor preaching
How do you tackle controversial subjects in the pulpit? (Lightstock)

What is your ultimate goal when you tackle cultural issues of the day? Or is that something you ignore altogether?


Why Turning Off Your Phone Could Make You a Better Pastor

Turning your iPhone off every once in a while might just make you a better pastor. (iStock photo)

You might consider your iPhone to be your "lifeblood," but you might be surprised at how much more effective you can be at your job if you simply powered it down once in a while.


Has American Christianity Been Subverted by the Culture?

American flag bible

Are we as American believers wrongly interpreting the Bible through the lens of culture?


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