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Dan Reiland: Church Politics

Church staff meeting
Is church politics getting in the way of God's will for your church? (Lightstock)

In the first of a two-part series, 12Stone Church’s Dan Reiland takes a look at how the agenda of church politics can be devastating.


What Church Documents Say About Your Church

Church bulletin
Is a percentage of the content of your church bulletin directed toward reaching the lost? (Lightstock)

Are most of your church’s activities focused on meeting the needs of members? How much is intentionally directed toward reaching unbelievers?


7 Reminders Church Leaders Need on a Regular Basis

Joe McKeever
Joe McKeever

Every once in a while, do you need to be reminded of some of these important principles?


11 of the Most Common Mistakes Churches Make

Church greeters
Are your church's greeters strategically placed? (Lightstock)

Are some of these issues relevant in your church? What will you do to address them?


5 Reasons Pastors Should Take a Sabbatical

Have you or your pastor taken a necessary sabbatical?
Have you or your pastor taken a necessary sabbatical? (Lightstock)

Everyone, including pastors, needs rejuvenation every now and then. Find out why it’s not only a good idea, but also why LifeWay’s Thom Rainer says it should be mandatory.


How to Organize Church Authority

Sheep and shepherd
(Evgeni Dinev)

Do you and your church’s leaders walk in wisdom, seek counsel when you are stuck and learn from your mistakes? Those characteristics are crucial when putting people in charge.


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