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7 Ways Pastors and Church Staff Find Jobs

Job interview
Navigating your way through employment searches can sometimes be frustrating for church staff personnel. Here are some tips to help. (Lightstock)

Here are tips for helping pastors and church personnel find success in their search for employment, should it ever become necessary.


Unenviable Task: Finding a New Senior Pastor

Senior pastor search
The search for a new senior pastor is an uneviable task for any church. (iStock photo)

Here are seven guidelines to follow when searching for a new senior pastor.


5 Common Ways Churches Determine Pastors’ Salaries

Pastor salary
What factors determine what you pay your pastors? (Free Digital Photos)

How are salaries determined for ministry leaders in your church?


9 Issues Regarding Pastors and Office Hours

Office hours
What are your church's expectations of your office hours? (Lightstock)

What is your perspective regarding pastors and office hours? What should be the expectations of the church members about their schedules?


5 Reasons a Pastor’s Sabbatical Blesses Many

Pastors sabbatical
Pastors sometimes need to take a sabbatical to rejuvenate themselves in the Word. (Lightstock)

What would a sabbatical mean for your ministry? Have you ever thought of discussing it with your congregation's leaders?


7 Tensions You Can Expect With Rapid Growth

Power struggles can erupt suddenly in a company or church that has seen rapid growth.
Power struggles can erupt suddenly in a company or church that has seen rapid growth. (iStock photo)

Pastors certainly enjoy the benefits of growth in their churches. But it isn't without its pitfalls.


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