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10 Common Worship Distractions

Boredom at church
What is distracting you from having a meaningful worship service? (Lightstock)

Do some of these things prevent your church from having a meaningful worship service?


Dan Reiland: 6 Things I Learned From 2 Great Communicators

Dan Reiland
Dan Reiland (Facebook)

The executive pastor at 12Stone Church in Georgia shares his secrets on how to be a solid communicator.


Century-old Nazarene Publishing House to Close

Nazarene Publishing House
Nazarene Publishing House (Facebook)

Here's how the Nazarene church plans to forge a 'new, dynamic publishing model' for the future.


3 Things Atheists Can Teach Others About God

Men shaking hands
Instead of having prideful, truth-telling arguments, shouldn't we seek out friendly discussions with atheists and agnostics? (iStock photo)

Regardless of their non-belief, Christians shouldn't just blow off the atheists as if they have nothing worth saying. Here's why.


8 Ways to Make Your Communication Stick

Brad Lomenick
How you communicate is sometimes as important as what you communicate. (Facebook)

Here are some tips that might make communicating a bit easier for you and a bit more enjoyable for those listening.


Mastering Media: Knowing What Each Platform Does Best

Media platforms
Which media platforms do you believe will work best for your church? (Lightstock)

Before you begin using a new form of media for your church, read about which ones can be the most effective for you.


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