America-for-Jesus-Independence-HallI believe that the greatest danger facing American today is President Obama's redefining of the Christian faith. In the next four years Obama will have the platform to substantially change the face of Christianity unless we act with decisiveness and courage.

Obama keeps saying he a Christian, yet his policies are those of the most radical secular humanist. His social policy is wildly pro-abortion and pro-homosexual. Obamacare and his economic policies are overtly socialist and Marxist. All of these are unbiblical, yet they define Obama's "greatest achievements!" What makes it so infuriating is Obama's campaign to transform America is being done as a so-called Christian.

Counter-Culture Christianity 

From the beginning, the Church of Jesus Christ has been counter-cultural. The real battle for the future of America is the battle for the culture. Since the 1960s when the Supreme Court kicked the Bible and prayer out of our public schools, we have raised a generation that does not know or fear God or His Word.

The fact is Obama is not the real problem; he's merely a symptom of a much bigger problem. Obama is an accurate reflection of the values of majority of voters in the last election. Granted millions of Christians did not vote, but Obama did win the popular vote. This is very sobering.

The real problem is the culture that produced a majority of voters who don't know what's right or wrong. This did not happen by accident. The secularists have been waging their war on Christian America for decades. Now they are reaping the fruit of their efforts.

Attacking Where We Can Win

The good news is that the Church of Jesus Christ has been around for two millennia. We aren't going anywhere! The very gates of hell themselves cannot prevail against Christ's church (Matt. 16:18). Secular Humanism is doomed to fail because it is built on infernal lies.

By God's grace, and with your support, we will help humanism fail as quickly as possible. We must get America back on the path the Founders gave us of Ordered Liberty under "the laws of nature and of nature's God." This means we must get busy doing what the Bible commands as "salt and light" (Matt. 5:13-14) and being the "pillar and ground of truth." (I Tim. 3:15)

More than ever in our nation's history we absolutely must declare the truth to the culture. The good news is that truth has it's own authority. It does not require group approval or permission to win the day. If Jesus could single handedly cleanse the temple, then together we can begin the process of transforming the hearts and minds of America. But we must start with the church because God has entrusted her with the responsibility for the soul of the nation. The church must regain her voice and return to her role as the conscience of America.

When you study the First Great Awakening you see God used the prophetic preaching of George Whitfield and John Wesley. They renounced the sins of the day to bring conviction of sin and mighty conversions. Jonathan Edwards' careful thinking provided the intellectual and spiritual ammunition the church needed to establish our nation in Christ. I believe we can see another Great Awakening if we are willing to pay the price and tell the truth.

Gary Cass began in ministry preaching the Gospel behind the Iron Curtain and working with the persecuted church in the Soviet Union. In 2004, Dr. Cass became the Executive Director of The Center for Reclaiming America for Christ, an outreach of Coral Ridge Ministries founded by Dr. D. James Kennedy. Cass is the author of Christian Bashing, Gag Order and co-author of The Bible and the Black Board. Visit him online at

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