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If your church is in the West Coast, there is still time to attend Retailing ReBoot West. To be held Oct. 17-18 at Cottonwood Church in Los Alamitos, Calif., the event will offer training on how to launch and operate a church bookstore, as well as discussions, networking sessions and business meetings to help stores deal with the changes the industry is facing and prepare for the important Christmas season.

Retailing ReBoot West is being staged following the success of Christian Retailing magazine's Retailing ReBoot in Orlando, Fla., in April. Rose Seeley, manager of Cottonwood Bookstore at Cottonwood Church, said that the Orlando event gave her "more practical information and ideas than I have ever got from any one show I have been to."

She added: "I love ReBoot because of its size and atmosphere. It's intimate and therefore conducive to connecting and collaborating with others. And I'm so excited that Cottonwood Church is hosting the first Retail ReBoot West because that opportunity will be made more available to churches and other stores in the West."

Bayless Conley, senior pastor of Cottonwood Church, has seen the impact of church bookstores. "Others have pioneered, fought, struggled, discovered and walked with God before me ... and recorded their journey and the lessons they have learned," he said. "It would be foolish not to learn what we can from them. I consider the bookstore on our campus an indispensable aid in helping to equip the members of our congregation for their journey with God."

For more information on Retailing ReBoot West, contact Derek Bjork at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , call him at 407-333-0600 ext. 2283 or click here.

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