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Marriage Ministry

No one has to tell Jimmy Evans about the spiritual crisis facing marriages in this day and age. Through their ministry, MarriageToday, he and his wife, Karen, have been laboring diligently to help reverse the downward trend for more than 30 years.

What keeps the Evans’ ministry relevant for the 21st-century church are the innovative ways in which MarriageToday reaches couples with the message of God’s uncompromised design for matrimony. It makes resources available for churches and ministries, including CDs and DVDs, simulcasts of select organization conferences and pastoral training. These form only a few of the strategies MarriageToday uses to fight the battle in Satan’s attack on traditional marriage and the family.

“The world is so deceived these days in the area of marriage,” Jimmy Evans says. “Our No. 1 goal, through television, print and the Internet, is to reach every person and to let them know that God’s design for marriage is still alive and well. The quest of MarriageToday is to reach the masses with this message.

“Jesus told us that ‘the gates of hell shall not prevail against you.’ As we go forward, it’s our heart that marriage between and a man and a woman not be taken for granted.”

One of the ministry’s visions is for every church to be a marriage-building church. Evans is hopeful, saying there are thousands of churches already using MarriageToday’s resources.

“Most churches don’t even talk about marriage, and there are many reasons for that,” he says. “We want every church and every pastor to feel qualified to teach their members just how important marriage is.”

In addition to its traditional marriage offerings on subjects such as finances, sex and intimacy, family dynamics and spiritual growth, MarriageToday is developing pre-marriage and blended marriage resources.

MarriageToday hosts two annual simulcasts, with the most recent held at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. The conference was simulcast to churches in 47 states and five countries. Gateway Church has been a financial supporter of MarriageToday for many years. As Senior Pastor Robert Morris says, “We believe they are addressing one of the root issues facing society today. Not only are they addressing the issue, they are equipping local churches to do the same.”

In 2013, MarriageToday held its first pastors’ conference at Gateway. The conference is becoming an annual event. The gathering is designed to train pastors in marriage ministry and for pastors to take monthly classes to become certified in MarriageToday materials to develop marriage ministries in their local churches.

The conference is also designed to strengthen ministry leaders’ marriages.
“Most every leading pastor that I come in contact with watches our program and has been touched by our ministry,” Evans says. “Indeed, we are feeding pastors regarding their own marriages.”

One of MarriageToday’s biggest goals in its quest to help reverse the crisis of divorce is developing what it calls “marriage missionaries.” Evans says his team are looking to take their message into the inner cities, into prisons and to military and law enforcement personnel.

The Evans’ television program, MarriageToday With Jimmy & Karen, is broadcast weekdays on Daystar, the Word Network and CTN. 

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