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Dr. Greene writes on a wide range of topics important to leaders, church administrators and young leaders in development.

He has lead business organizations, served as a dean of a college of business and lead as a senior pastor. Greene's primary focus is to equip the leaders of saints.

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'Pastor, I Think I'm Pregnant'

As I've travelled throughout the country, I've heard similar stories over and over. Here are four simple ways you can bring healing.

Navigating the Changing Topography of Faith

By Tod Bolsinger

Explorer Meriwether Lewis exemplified what happens to most of us when we are confronting rapidly changing circumstances.


Techs Have the Calling of the Great Commission Too

By David Leuschner

Technicians are a different breed. Many are introverts who are content to stay in the back room pushing buttons and not talking to anyone. Many church techs have told me that despite trying, they have never personally led anyone to Christ—and it bothers them.

Do you know of any churches where they preach the Bible ... and a little extra?

How Works 'Saved My Soul'

When author and Pastor Rusty George discovered the real meaning of Ephesians 2:8-9, it made all the difference for him.

The National Day of Prayer is set for May 5.

America: Turning a Nation Back to God

Dr. Tony Evans says there are only two options before us as we witness what is happening to our beloved nation. The National Day of Prayer is set for May 5.

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