Ministry Today proudly presents Greenelines, a new blog from Dr. Steve Greene.

Dr. Greene writes on a wide range of topics important to leaders, church administrators and young leaders in development.

He has lead business organizations, served as a dean of a college of business and lead as a senior pastor. Greene's primary focus is to equip the leaders of saints.

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6 Ways Millennials Educate Their Church

By Thom S. Rainer

Over the past few decades, the seeker-sensitive movement—and before that the church growth movement—taught us much about contextualization in the church.

Crow eating

'Cast Your Lunch Upon the Ground'

By Dr. Mark Rutland

There are some unexpected lessons to be learned from the secret love life of crows.


7 Ways to Respond to Church Bullies

By Ron Edmondson

Here is how to not let their negative actions and complaints dictate your relationship.

Life imbalance

Kingdom Economics: Auto-Correct

Here's why we need principles and habits that are designed to automatically alert ourselves and/or others of danger signs to move us back on an upward tract.

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