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Can a Dying Church Find Life?

How can a dying church be resuscitated?
How can a dying church be rescuscitated? (iStock photo)

Here are 6 radical steps to answering 'yes' to that question.


Stop Trying to Be a Super Leader

Are you trying to play the part of 'Super Pastor?'
Are you trying to play the part of 'Super Pastor?' (iStock photo)

Pastors, what are some boundaries you have placed on your time, life and career to protect your health, life and marriage? Is this something you struggle with?


How to Avoid Being a Wimpy Leader

Fearful pastor
Do your apprehensions and fears limit your abilities to preach the gospel? (iStock photos)

If you find yourself falling into that category, what can you do to change your circumstances? How can you confront your fears head-on?


Sanctification Begins With the Truth of God’s Word

Rick Warren
Rick Warren (Facebook)

Do you truly want to see real transformation in the lives of your congregation members? You can't go wrong when you do this.


How to Use Another Pastor’s Sermon

Sermon preparing
Is it time to panic when you're on deadline and don't have a sermon prepared? (Lightstock)

It's Saturday night and you don't have a message prepared for your congregation for the next morning's service. What do you do?


3 Things That Kill Church Leadership

Defensiveness can kill confidence in your leadership.
Defensiveness can kill confidence in your leadership. (Lightstock)

Leaders are held to a certain standard when it comes to character. Here are some traits that can hurt public confidence in a leader.


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