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8 Contrasts Between the Confessing Church and the Compromising Church

Nazi church
Has some of today's American church become a compromising church, akin to the German Church of the 1930s? (Wikimedia Commons)

Could there be similarities between the Nazis' German Christians in the 1930-40s and part of today's American church?


Greg Surratt: 4 Things I Learned When the Lights Went Out

Lights out
If the lights went out during your service, would you still have power in the room? (Mt. Pleasant Church)

If the electricity went off during your church service, would there still be power in the room?


Bill Cosby and 12 Signs of Abusive Leadership

Bill Cosby
In relation to the Bill Cosby scandal, Bishop Joseph Mattera examines 12 characteristics of abusive leadership. (Reuters)

There are many signs of abusive leadership, which can relate to leadership in the family, church, business, politics or any organization.


Disaster in the Making: 20 Pieces of Bad Advice for Young Ministers

Man discipling younger man
What questionable pieces of advice have you been given in the past? (Lightstock)

There are those who believe they are helping when they impart the following to you. But the best advice obviously is to obey the Holy Spirit.


5 Reasons a Pastor’s Sabbatical Blesses Many

Pastors sabbatical
Pastors sometimes need to take a sabbatical to rejuvenate themselves in the Word. (Lightstock)

What would a sabbatical mean for your ministry? Have you ever thought of discussing it with your congregation's leaders?


4 Irreplaceable Tasks of the Senior Pastor

Senior leader
Senior leaders must expect certain tasks to be thrust upon them. (Lightstock)

The weight of responsibility can be overwhelming at times for senior leaders, but it comes with the position. Here are some things that are simply expected from them.


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