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How to Survive Going From Awesome to Awful

Do you, as a pastor or leader, take things in stride, or do you stew about criticism? (Lightstock Photo)

It's difficult to please everyone all of the time. Here is some advice for the times when people do a complete 360-degree turn about their feelings for you and your work.


Why Didn’t Jesus Do More?

Jesus didn't focus a lot on secondary issues, but more on the gospel. (The Jesus Film)

Jesus’ scope of ministry was incredibly narrow, but He meant it to be that way. Why is it difficult for churches to pattern their ministry after His?


What Does Authentic Leadership Really Look Like?

Pastor Kim Martinez
Pastor Kim Martinez (Kim Martinez)

As a leader, how do you change from a top-down management style to one that will allow authentic leadership without losing credibility? Pastor Kim Martinez offers some insight.


8 Reasons Believers Give to Your Church

Giving money
(anankkml/Free Digital Photos)

Rick Warren says he’s against fundraising but in favor of teaching people to give. Here are some ways they're motivated to do so.


Is Intentional Neglect Necessarily Bad for a Church?

Artie Davis
Artie Davis (Facebook)

As much as churches would like to focus on all ministries, it sometimes isn’t possible. Pastor Artie Davis suggests what to do for church growth.


5 Firewalls Needed to Resist Sexual Sin

Porn keyboard
Internet porn can be a gateway to many other destructive behaviors. What firewalls are you using to avoid it?

Lust is one of Satan’s strongest tools against believers. Joseph Mattera says ministry leaders are not immune and gives suggestions on what weapons to use to fight the enemy.


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