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7 of the Greatest Stressors on Pastors

Wounded leader
What are some other stressors for pastors you can think of? (Stock Free Images)

Everyone has problems of some magnitude, including pastors. Here are only a few.


When Preachers Feel Out of Sync on Sunday

Frustrated pastor
When in doubt, preach the Word and from your heart. (Lightstock)

Most pastors realize that every Sunday sermon isn’t going to be a big hit. Here’s what to do in the times when you’re feeling inadequate in the pulpit.


5 Ways Young Pastors Recover From Mistakes

Young pastors must realize they will make mistakes, but then can rise above them.
Young pastors must realize they will make mistakes but then can rise above them. (Stock Free Images)

Pastors who are still a bit green shouldn’t kick themselves for messing up every once in a while. But here are some suggestions for them to rise above the mistakes.


3 Ways to Poke a Slow-Moving Church

Artie Davis
Artie Davis (Facebook)

How do you get a church that seems to be coming to a stop to regain some forward momentum? Here are some ways.


7 Hard Statements I’d Make to Every Pastor

Senior pastor
What do you think of these suggestions?

Pastors shouldn’t be immune to constructive criticism and teaching. Here are some words that all pastors should heed to.


What Will Drive Your Church in 2014?

Saddleback Church
Saddleback Church (Facebook)

Has your church been focused on anything other than God’s purposes in 2013? If so, are you ready to refocus on those next year?


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