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What Will Drive Your Church in 2014?

Saddleback Church
Saddleback Church (Facebook)

Has your church been focused on anything other than God’s purposes in 2013? If so, are you ready to refocus on those next year?


20 Things You Should Know About Your Church

Measuring stick
How do you measure your church as an organization? (Shutterstock)

What tools do you use to measure your church as an organization? Here are some suggestions.


2 False Assumptions to Leave Behind When You Preach

Pastor authority
Do you assume that everyone is interested in what you're preaching? (Lighstock)

When you step into the pulpit, you may take some things for granted. Find out why that’s dangerous.


Does Your Preaching Work in Real Life?

Man in prayer

What happens when people in your church face a real-world situation? Are they ready to take on the decisions involved?


7 Difficult People to Lead

Pastors conflict
What type of person do you find difficult to lead? (Michael Kowalski/Shutterstock)

Why type of person have you come across that is difficult to lead? What would you add to this list?


8 Ways Senior Pastors Stress Out Staff

Stress killer
Does stress prevail within your staff? (Stock Free Images)

There are two kinds of stress when working for a church: the stress of being in control and the stress of not being in control. Find out the differences.


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