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5 Keys to a Great Christmas Sermon

Christmas service
Here's how you and your church can put your best foot forward in your Christmas service. (Lightstock)

For those who come to church only a couple of times a year, here is a great opportunity for you to put your best foot forward with these tips.


3 Things That Make Introverted Guests Nervous About Your Church

Raising hands
Is raising your hands during a worship service genuine, or simply for show? (Lightstock )

Are we living in a 'show-off' generation? Do we judge the sincerity of people's worship by what their bodies are doing?


Are We Demanding Christian Leaders Sign a Loyalty Oath?

Are we giving Christian missionaries any grace, especially if we don't know their entire circumstances?
Are we giving Christian missionaries any grace, especially if we don't know their entire situation? (iStock photo)

Theology obviously matters. But when it comes to engaging the fastest-changing and most-disrupted culture in the history of the world, shouldn't we give grace to our pioneers on the front lines?


10 Troubling Statements Church Leaders and Members Make

Troubling statements
These troubling statements plague many churches. (iStock photo)

Are these statements accurate or fair? How would you amend this list?


10 Harsh Realities of Leadership

As a leader, you can't avoid conflict indefinitely. (Free Digital Photos)

Have you ever heard the expression 'It's lonely at the top?' Here's why that is so true.


Stories of Transformation: A Church Pursues Its Passion for Community

Kids choir
The Kids Choir performs at a recent Mountain Vista Bible Church service. (Facebook)

In the fourth of a six-part series, LifeWay Research takes a look at how churches have turned a corner with the help of the Transformational Church Assessment Tool.


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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