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Do You See What God Sees?

Dr. Bob Rhoden
Dr. Bob Rhoden

Are you a visionary? Do you agree that every minister should be a visionary?


John Burke: ‘Two Lesbians Walk Into a Church’

Lesbians holding hands
(iStock photo)

Jesus isn’t shocked by anything that we do. Why should we be, if we’re supposedly walking in the same love Jesus has for us?


Steve Hill Passes Away After Miraculous Life

Steve Hill
Steve Hill

Perhaps best known as the evangelist for the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Fla., evangelist and pastor Steve Hill went home to be with the Lord on Sunday.


Small Churches Can Take Off and Fly

Small airplane
(IStock photo)

Remember how the Wright brothers started off small? You’ve got hopes and dreams for your church and your ministry, and here’s how God will help you see them through.


5 Renewal Stages for Churches Being Led to Change

Rick Warren
What are the five stages of church renewal? (Facebook)

If you are being led to change the way your church serves God’s purposes, it's helpful to understand the process of renewal.


What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Passion for Ministry

Pastor passion
Has your passion for your ministry diminished? How do you plan to get it back? (Lightstock)

Have you ever felt compelled to walk away from ministry? Here’s some suggestions to how you can find your passion again.


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