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What the Visiting Preacher Needs From the Host Pastor

Visiting preacher
Visiting preachers and officials at host churches need some understanding before the guest takes the pulpit. (Lightstock)

Here are a few things that need to be understood between a guest preacher and the church officials who are hosting him or her.


Thom Rainer: An Update From an Overweight Christian

Thom Rainer
Thom Rainer has lost 44 pounds in 144 days.

LifeWay Christian Resources president and CEO Thom Rainer’s weight-loss journey has been long and arduous. But find out how he is reaping the rewards of his obedience to God.


Should Christians Surrender the Cultural War?

Are you standing up for the cross of Jesus, or are you cowering in fear of cultural opposition?
Are you standing up for the cross of Jesus, or are you cowering in fear of cultural opposition? (Lightstock)

If you honestly asked yourself, “Am I standing for God’s truth with boldness or am I cowering because I fear opposition?” what would your answer be?


10 Significant Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Lead Pastor

Bishop Joseph Mattera
Bishop Joseph Mattera

Are these some things you considered before taking the reins of responsibility for a church? What do you think about these questions if you’re considering it now?


Leaders, Lust and Longings

Pastor longing
As a ministry leader, what drives you? (Lightstock)

Is your life more driven by your lusts or your longings?


Bob Rhoden: My Greatest Concerns as a Leader

What are your concerns as a leader? (Lightstock)

Bob Rhoden, a former pastor and district superintendent who is now an executive presbyter with the Assemblies of God, reveals what keeps him alert and on guard.


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