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Thinking About the Lost Art of Honor

Knees praying
Do you enter into God's presence with humility? (Lightstock)

When you are invited into the presence of the Lord to minister to Him, do you bring wholeheartedness, praise, humility, reverence and respect?


Is Balance in Ministry Overrated?

Balancing ministry
Would you rather your ministry be balance or efficient? (Idea Go)

As a good steward of the ministry God has given you, which would you rather have—efficiency or balance?


7 Do-Overs Pastors Wish They Had

What actions of yours do you wish you could take back? (Stock Free Images)

Are some of these consistent with your experiences? Are there others you could add?


10 Ways to Improve Your Ministry Today

Improve ministry
What would Jesus say to help you improve your ministry? (Shawn Menary/Lightstock)

There are conventional ways to make your ministry better—but here are some things that may not have occurred to you as a leader.


4 Signs You’re Trying to Be the Messiah

Walk with Christ
Have you ever felt like you've unintentionally had a messiah complex? (Lighstock)

Have you gotten burned out trying to fix people you lead? Who else do you know who has done that?


Dan Reiland: Church Politics

Church staff meeting
Is church politics getting in the way of God's will for your church? (Lightstock)

In the first of a two-part series, 12Stone Church’s Dan Reiland takes a look at how the agenda of church politics can be devastating.


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