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In Grace, God Still Uses Leaders

Even when we forget Him, He still remembers us. And in grace, and He still uses us as leaders. (

Do you sometimes forget that God never gives up on you?


7 Ways the Leader Sets the Bar in Ministry

Team meeting
How high do you set the bar for your ministry team? (IStock photo)

Are you cognizant of the standards you set for your team members? Here’s why it is wise to do so.


How to Preach for Commitment With Stronger Conclusions

Rick Warren
Rick Warren

Are you a big finisher with your sermons? Do you keep in mind that decisions people make during this time are crucial?


What Church Documents Say About Your Church

Church bulletin
Is a percentage of the content of your church bulletin directed toward reaching the lost? (Lightstock)

Are most of your church’s activities focused on meeting the needs of members? How much is intentionally directed toward reaching unbelievers?


Should Potential Preachers Attend Seminary?

Graduation ceremony
Should you or shouldn't you attend seminary as a potential preacher? (Lightstock)

There are many reasons seminary is valuable to a future preacher. But find out why it shouldn’t define your ministry or its potential.


5 Ways to Avoid Stress and Stay Sane as a Pastor

Stress and strain
How are you able to keep your sanity in stressful times? (Stock Free Images)

Some pastoral duties can be downright debilitating. Here are ways to keep yourself mentally healthy.


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