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What to Do When Pressing Deadlines Come Crashing Down on You

Pressing deadlines
How you handle it when you come under constant deadline pressure? (iStock photo)

How do you handle such a situation? Here are five "P's" that can help you when you're harried and hurried.


10 Habits That Absolutely Will Drain Your Productivity

Do you have the bad habit of overloading yourself? (iStock)

If you're doing any, some or all of these things, you could be working longer and harder than you need to.


Why Are You Really Preaching on Sundays?

Rick Warren
Rick Warren (Facebook)

Before you preach next Sunday, Rick Warren wants you to ask yourself one question that could change everything.


Here Are Some Metrics for a Different Kind of Church

Intentional discipleship
Does a full auditiorium necessarily validate our intentions to make disciples? (Lightstock)

Are you and your staff simply focused on putting more bodies in the pews or on making disciples? Here are some things that can help with the latter.


'Follow Your Heart' and 3 Other Potentially Dangerous Theories About Knowing God's Will

God's will

Where do we find God's will? There are several popular teachings that may sound good but actually could lead you down the wrong path.


4 Keys to Leading in Times of Crisis

Steve Murrell
Steve Murrell (Facebook)

You may never have to be the bearer of bad news to good people, but you should tuck these four points away just in case...


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