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In late October an atheist group in London responded to a Christian evangelism conferenceā€™s bus ads by blitzing the city with anti-God billboard ads. This Christmas season in the United States, Christians and atheists across the country are primed to stage a similar billboard war of beliefs. The American Humanist Association is sponsoring ads across the countryā€”predominantly in major citiesā€”throughout the holiday season that ask, ā€œWhy believe in a god? Just be good for goodnessā€™ sake.ā€ The organization hopes to install similar billboards in 46 states as part of its ā€œGodless Holiday Campaign.ā€ And starting this week in at least two Colorado cities, a network of atheist, humanist and ā€œfreethinkingā€ organizations is running billboards that read: ā€œDonā€™t believe in God? You are not alone.ā€

ā€œWe are trying to reach our audience, and sometimes in order to reach an audience, everybody has to hear you,ā€ said Fred Edwords, spokesman for the American Humanist Association. ā€œOur reason for doing it during the holidays is there are an awful lot of agnostics, atheists and other types of non-theists who feel a little alone during the holidays because of its association with traditional religion.ā€
In response, various Christian organizations have vowed to reply with billboards of their own. [AP, 11/12/08;, 11/12/08]

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