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Megachurches fail to disciple, Church attendance unchanged, Fiery attention-grabber, Percolating church venture, Churches fleeced, Humor, and much more read more

The Baltimore Initiative

International ministry leaders convened in Baltimore in April to discuss practical ways we can better reach our cities for Christ. read more

Prophecy and the Pulpit

One of America's most respected Bible teachers talks candidly about how pastors should handle preaching on Bible prophecy. John Hagee talks candidly about how pastors should handle preaching on Bible prophecy. read more

When PKs Go Astray

Pastors battle an extraordinary amount of guilt and shame when their children fall from grace. Here's how one couple survived one of the most horrific string of tragedies a family in ministry could possibly face. read more

Are We Failing Them?

Despite decades of missionary outreach, efforts to evangelize Native American children have produced few long-term results. One ministry leader says it's time to take a hard look at our motives and methods in reaching America's indigenous kids. read more


  • Jentezen Franklin encourages church leaders to encourage their flocks to vote their values.

    Why We Must Count the Cost—and Vote

    There is a propaganda war that is raging in this country, and it is full of manipulation, lies, ...

  • Graveyard

    An Autopsy of a Deceased Pastor

    There are eight common patterns to look for.

  • Why did you choose the church you attend?

    7 Key Reasons People Choose a Church

    The real issue is not the intrigue of this research; it is what you and your church will do about ...

  • Many of these issues are self-inflicted.

    10 Poisons That Will Kill Any Church

    Here is why the churches that die from them do so by their own hand.

  • The Key to True Power

    The Key to True Power

    Jesus overturned every worldly idea about power when He introduced the concept of servant leadership.

  • Have you ever had a cringe moment during your church announcements?

    The 7 Deadly Sins of Church Announcements

    Sometimes they just miss the mark, albeit unintentionally.

  • Some of these reasons for leaving the church are simply not plausible.

    7 Reasons People Leave Their Church During Crisis Times

    Some of the excuses are pretty extreme and, quite frankly, lazy.

  • Do yourself and her a favor. Take the target off your pastor's wife's back.

    Why Pastors' Wives Have a Target on Their Back

    Here are three instances of what we are doing to the wives of God's servants sent to ...

  • The heart of a leader is more important than any other characteristic.

    5 Qualities to Seek in the Heart of a Leader

    The hope here is that you would reflect on your own leadership and consider your own heart as a ...

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