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Reader Response

Kudos for Chaplain Black, Prophets unleashed, Understanding disasters, Denominations: Paul’s perspective, Smooth departures read more

Decoding DaVinci

How a movie based on half-baked theories provides an open door for sharing the real story of Christianity’s origins read more

The Azusa Effect

One hundred years after Azusa, the global church looks and sounds more Pentecostal than ever—but how much longer will this label work to describe a new generation of Spirit-filled believers? read more

Honor Your Fathers?

Some church leaders offer to be your spiritual parent—if you “sow into their ministry.” Is this biblical mentoring ... or just another wacky pyramid scheme? read more


Learn from Africa, Teens in jeopardy, Deliverance balance wanted, Prepping for death, Unhealthy extremes, Forum discussion read more
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