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Undiluted Criticism

I am writing in reference to "Watered-Down Love" (September/October), in which author John Brandon criticized Relient K, accusing them (and others) of writing songs for fame and fortune. Straining at gnats and swallowing camels, are we? You are accusing others of false motives when you are unable to see what's in their hearts. You have neglected the greater matters--justice, mercy and faithfulness. You owe Relient K and others an apology. If you really are so sure you can discern the secrets of other men's hearts, then at least admit you are not really a follower of Christ and join the Psychic Network.
David Alderman
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After reading "Watered-Down Love," I just wanted to say that John Brandon hit the nail on the head with everything he said. One problem I am seeing with some artists is that they don't know if they want to live for God or go with the crowd. I was a gang member from the age of 7 to 11, was saved at the age of 12 and have been serving God for 12 years. I believe that the church needs to wake up and understand that these people need to be reached by someone.
Archie Davis Jr.
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Wigglesworth Legends?

I think I have read most everything written in English about and by Smith Wigglesworth--which includes his reprinted sermons and several biographies. Much of this effort was to compile three books on Wigglesworth and to assist other researchers. I have not come across the funeral-home story mentioned in Rod Parsley's article ("The Amazing Faith of Smith Wigglesworth"), featured in the July/August issue of Ministries Today, in any of Wigglesworth's sermons--and he used many illustrations. If Rod Parsley believes the story is true, and he wishes to continue using it, he should give us documentation. Because this was such a dramatic miracle, it would be a simple task to obtain the name and address of the funeral home, the date and the man's name who was raised from the dead. Parsley's readers deserve nothing less than this documentation.
Wayne Warner, Director

Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center Springfield, Missouri

Web Opinion: Ethics Crisis

We asked our readers online to comment on declining ministerial ethics. Here are some highlights from the discussion:

HouseChurchAdvocate: The pressure to maintain a false image has caused many ministers to become comfortable with lying. America is consumed with shallow, superficial beauty, ignoring the inner man and accentuating the outward. No longer content to be good shepherds of the flock God has given them, some ministers want to emulate the "star" ministers they see on television. They adopt the image, live the lie and then pride causes a fall.

Queen Lara: Does an average Christian understand the direct and indirect spiritual implication of sitting under the leadership of an unethical minister? These unethical leaders are not to be blamed as much as the flocks that sit under a hunter instead of a shepherd. Believers should take a stand against these unethical ministers, refusing to listen to their messages, buy their products or support their ministries, and demanding that they become transparent in regard to their finances, marital situations and all other areas of their lives.

RevGood: If leaders who fall are continually affirmed in the public eye, they will not repent. There may be a pseudo-apology to satisfy the faithful, but there won't be any real heart change. Don't invite him to your camp meeting. Don't ask him to preach at your revival. Don't bring him on your Christian TV network.

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