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Ted Haggard to Head Evangelical Group

The charismatic pastor of Colorado's largest Protestant church has been named president of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). In March, Ted Haggard, who leads 9,000-strong New Life Church (NLC) in Colorado Springs, became the first charismatic minister to be appointed to the position.

"His commitment to bringing evangelicals together for mission, prayer, and a united voice is a deeply held value that is acknowledged and known throughout the evangelical world," said Bill Hamel, president of the Evangelical Free Church of America and chairman of the NAE board.

Haggard, 46, is the president of the World Prayer Center, a strategic center for worldwide evangelistic prayer, located at NLC. He also heads the World Prayer Team, an Internet-based global, interactive prayer network. His congregation is building a 12,000-seat facility near the U.S. Air Force Academy.

The NAE's constituency includes 51 conservative evangelical denominations with 43,000 congregations, individual churches from 27 other denominations and various parachurch ministries.
Source: National Association of Evangelicals


Respected Missions Statesman Dies

A missionary statesman and former HCJB World Radio president died at his Keystone Heights, Fla., home April 3, following complications related to hepatitis. Dr. Abe Van Der Puy was 83.

A Wheaton College graduate, Van Der Puy arrived in Quito, Ecuador, in 1945 to serve with HCJB World Radio. There he operated the "gospel sound truck," which pioneered evangelism in areas un-reached with the gospel, with meetings in the markets during the day and public squares at night.

After his first wife died of cancer in 1965 after 22 years of marriage, he married Marj Saint in 1966. She was the widow of Mission Aviation Fellowship pilot Nate Saint, who was martyred along with four companions by Ecuador's Waorani Indians in 1956.

Van Der Puy was also the "Voice of Missions" for Back to the Bible's ministry for 12 years, and he served as president of National Religious Broadcasters from 1975-1979.

In addition to his wife, he is survived by six married children, 17 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.
Source: HCJB World Radio


Promise Keepers Leader Takes Sabbatical

Promise Keepers (PK) president Bill "Coach Mac" McCartney has stepped down from the ministry for a season to care for his ailing wife.

The former University of Colorado football coach who founded the men's organization in 1990 began a six-month sabbatical in mid-March. Lyndi McCartney had been suffering from "a severe respiratory condition" for some time, said PK spokesman Steve Chavis.

A four-man leadership cabinet will fulfill McCartney's responsibilities, with board vice chairman George Morrison serving as superintendent.

McCartney's temporary departure required canceling his scheduled appearances at some of this year's 18 conferences. "The Challenge: A Call to Action" was first held in Lubbock, Texas, in May, with the last event scheduled for Las Vegas, Oct.17-18. Information about events is available at promisekeepers.org.
Source: Promise Keepers


Head of Ministry to Sex Addicts Resigns

The founder of a Seattle-based ministry for Christians struggling with sexual addiction and infidelity has stepped down. Prodigals International officials said Pat Means resigned as president on March 5 "to focus on his own personal recovery."

"I had broken my sobriety several times in my three years of ministry with Prodigals, and had failed to be honest about those lapses," Means said. "The board and I are in agreement that this is best for Prodigals to maintain its integrity as a recovery ministry, and that it is best for me as I give attention to my own recovery."
Source: Prodigals International

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