What should we do about the most crucial issues facing the church? Confronting the problem of isolated ministers
Critical Issues

A hearty, "Amen!" to Stephen Strang's column, "Twenty Issues Facing the Church" (From the Publisher, January/February 2003). It's a day when, if you preach anything of a so-called negative nature, you are accused of beating up the people. And in a day when prophecy from the pews proclaims nothing but how pleased God is with you and how much He loves to hear your praise (and I'm sure He does), somebody needs to remind the family that Daddy still spanks.

In a time when ministers of the gospel can do anything they want and run off to another group in refusal to accept accountability and/or discipline, where is the church that, as Jesus said in Revelation, will test those who call themselves apostles and weed out the ones who are not?

Thank you for your concern. I will be looking forward to articles on the issues you mentioned.
Gordon D. Aikin
Muskegon, Michigan

I enjoyed reading about and wholeheartedly agree with the 20 issues facing the church. The question I have is, How are we going to fix them? Here are some of my suggestions.

First, pressure ministries who refuse to join financial accountability organizations to join--or warn your readers they are not in compliance, withhold endorsements of their ministries, and do not accept advertisements from them until they do so.

Second, form a ministry oversight committee to make judgments on questionable doctrines or practices. If the wayward ministry does not come into correction, then withdraw support, publicity and endorsements of those ministries.

Third, continue to "cry from the housetops" against the sin, imbalance and excess in the charismatic church today.

Ministries Today, as well as Charisma magazine, have taken on a daunting task to bring a wayward movement into balance. We are with you, but complaining without solutions will get us nowhere. It's time to call on the carpet those who pervert God's Word or fleece His flock.
Jeff Henning
Marietta, Georgia

Isolated Pastors

I am very glad to see someone such as your editor, Bill Shepson, who recognizes the problem of isolation in ministry ("We Stand Alone," Editor's Note, May/June 2002). Many ministers have forgotten Proverbs 27:17: "As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend" (NKJV).

It's been a big problem for ministers to unite. How can we put a stop to this isolation? Without unity, we can't win the battle against the devil. There's no unity among our ministers today. This is disobedience in the lives of ministers. Please tell us what we can do about it.
Ikechukwu Amaechi
Lagos, Nigeria

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