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Just the Right Size

What a huge relief!  I'm glad we now have a true magazine and we no longer have to suffer with that grotesque publication that could not fit on a desk, in a briefcase, or in a filing cabinet.  This could be classified as an advance for the kingdom of God!
C. Peter Wagner
President, Global Harvest Ministries
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thank you for returning the magazine to a manageable size.  I could no longer make copies of articles with the huge size you had.  I'll renew my membership now.
William T. Newkirk, Sr.
via e-mail

I congratulate you for having the courage to admit a mistake and correct it. Changing the format of Ministry Today was a bold move, and you should be commended for trying it. But when the readers expressed their displeasure at the change, you listened. This is extremely rare in the magazine publishing industry (example: TV Guide) and it sets you apart. Thanks again for keeping Ministry Today the best read of my month.
Richard D. Perez
Norton, Massachusetts

House Church Flaw

In "The New House Churches," by Matt Green (May/June), house church leaders claim their form of worship is just as biblical as a traditional structure. I disagree. By forcing the groups to remain small, house churches ignore the specific gifts God gives each believer and makes everyone become a small group leader. Some are more gifted leaders (or musicians or youth workers) than others, and they should be able to use their specific gifts in a larger body.
Steve Kurtz
via e-mail

Catholic Conversions

[Regarding a blog post at about the "Eastern Exodus" article in May/June] Part of the problem with Protestant churches—especially charismatic ones—is the lack of accountability in leadership. Also, flashy televangelists don't help.
via The Ministry Report blog

I am one of those evangelical Protestants (for 30 years) who is on the way to the Catholic Church. I was once a hard-line, anti-Catholic kind of Christian—but no longer. Honestly, I never wanted to go in this direction. While I am indeed thankful for what I have received as an evangelical in my journey of faith, I have come to an impasse. The depth, beauty, truth, history and desire for unity are some of the motivational forces leading me to the Church that Christ founded.
via The Ministry Report blog

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