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After the Fall

As I was reading "The Ministry Report" by Matthew Green (January/February), I was arrested by the offhand suggestion that Haggard "successfully" led New Life Church. I live in Colorado Springs and have worked on the New Life campus for many years. I believe that God did incredible things through Ted's leadership in this city, however some have alluded to the fact that the leadership structure at New Life wasn't one of transparency or accountability. If this is true, I don't know that "successfully" should be a word used to describe Ted's full tenure of leadership.
Name withheld
Colorado Springs

In regard to the Ted Haggard fall, I ask myself, "Have we lost the fear of God?" If I sound like some old legalist or a holier than thou type, I'm not. But holiness seems to be out of place in our preaching today. I'm trying to add some fear of God in my preaching this year, and I'm convicted to tighten up my own discipline with God.
Bill Orf
The Lighthouse Church
Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that any high-profile pastor with a personal moral problem will actually discuss his or her problem with a so-called confidante, because there isn't anyone to whom you can tell "everything" who won't then go out and blab it on national television or in a new book to make money. Therefore, those in the ministry live under stress from carrying everything inside.
C.L. Davis
via The Ministry Report blog

Debating Wagner

I was a student at Fuller Theological Seminary when C. Peter Wagner taught church growth there. What he taught was closer to sociology than theology. I think of Wagner fondly, but as I pastor I treasure the plain theology and scripture lessons that professors taught more than the church growth methodologies I heard from Wagner. He's right in requesting not to be called a "theologian" in his article "Goodbye, Theologians" (January/February) because I don't think he ever was one to begin with.
Ted Kim
Good News Community Church
Seoul, Korea

Not all "theologians" deny the supernatural, nor do many approve of Mr. Wagner's "theology" concerning church structure. In fact, we all are theologians to some degree—including Wagner. Bruce Brock
Faith Community Church
Tucson, Arizona

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