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Technology Kudos

Thanks for encouraging pastors to "push the envelope" in regard to technology. The cover story "The Geek Shall Inherit the Church" (November/December) was chock-full of ideas for leaders with access to a lot of resources—or a little.
Mike Nelson
via e-mail.

REPLY: You're welcome, Mike. Be sure to check out our Ministry Toolbox blog, dedicated to giving you the heads up on the latest resources, books and technology at

I guess there are no colorblind people on your staff, or they could have told you not to put red text on green and blue backgrounds in "The Geek Shall Inherit the Church." Even for people who can distinguish between those colors the text is almost impossible to read.
Julian Richter
via e-mail

REPLY: Julian, you're not the only one who got "eye-burn" on that feature. In the future, we're going to be more careful about checking the colors before the magazine goes to print.
A Touchy Subject

Richard Dobbins' article "Sex Ed @ Church?" (November/December) may have been controversial, but it was a much-needed challenge for churches to tackle this uncomfortable topic.
Terry Nash
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Incomplete Analysis?

I think Ministry Today is a superb magazine, but the article by Kary Oberbrunner in the November/December issue ("Doors to Deception?") was sloppily researched and gave a false view about lectio divina and contemplative prayer. Instead of correcting the uninformed notions about these ways to pray, he left readers wondering if they were really occult practices. Lectio divina is simply an ancient and enduring Christian practice of praying with Scripture and contemplative prayer is a gift of deep intimacy with God inspired by the Holy Spirit. Nothing occult about either—just rock solid biblical Christian prayer.
Bert Ghezzi
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