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End-Times Hysteria

Thanks for the article "The End?" by DeWayne Hamby (March/April). I've long thought the church has become fascinated with the last days to the detriment of our commitment to the tasks at hand. My plan? Be ready for his return today, but plan as though he will not return for another 1,000 years.
R. Heard
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Ministry Today: Relaunch Reflections

As a life-long Pentecostal, I applaud the editorial shift of Ministry Today. From the beginning of my ministry, I've found myself partnering with evangelicals—and I've discovered (now more than ever) that what we have in common with them is far greater than what we differ on.
Stan Vargas
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As a longtime reader of Ministries Today, I think making a change is a good idea. However, I noticed you indicated George Barna will be a contributor. Although I admire him and think he is a good man, I am concerned about his enthusiasm for the "personal church" concept which he seems to espouse in his book, Revolution. I would hope your magazine would continue its great tradition of helping pastors and ministers build strong local churches.
Frank Davis
Live Oak, Florida

REPLY: We remain committed to providing a venue for constructive discussion of big issues such as the "revolution" Barna writes about—and others. For instance, check out "The Barna Report" on page 18 for an exploration of the gentrification of church leadership.

Thank you for sending out the invitation to your readers to submit fresh topics for Ministry Today. I have benefited much from the past topics as it is. Here is another topic which I feel is relevant: How, as Christian leaders, do we deal with violence in our world? I am hoping for something deeper and biblical than just turning the other cheek to someone who strikes you.
Janet H. E. Lim

Will you ever identify false ministry and ministers in our midst? Will you ever warn of the wolves? Will you ever identify phony movements that are pure departures from apostolic, biblical Christianity?
Han Sola
Online Pastors' Forum

REPLY: Thanks, Han Sola. If the exposure of heresy is up your alley, check out David Cannistraci's exploration of tithing and accountability in "Honor Your Fathers?".

I am concerned about the change in direction for your magazine. In broadening your appeal you may increase your readership, but you will loose that which made your magazine unique and a particular blessing to Pentecostal and charismatic ministers. I'm not canceling my subscription; but if the day comes when I can't tell the difference between Ministry Today and other leadership magazines, your magazine may become just one of many options.
W. D. Jackson
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REPLY: Now that the first issue of Ministry Today has arrived, we hope your concerns are addressed. As you will see, we have not excluded content of interest to charismatics and Pentecostals—from Azusa Street and the future of Pentecostalism to an article on the practice of tithing-up often found in charismatic circles and an interview with Keith Butler, a Word-Faith pastor running for the United States Senate. 

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