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Future Focus

EDITOR'S NOTE: At the end of "Fighting the Future" (July/August) by Earl Creps, we asked readers to visit our Pastors' Discussion Board and answer the question, "What nonessential aspects of the charismatic/Pentecostal subculture should be discarded to more effectively reach a younger generation?" Here are some responses:

The love affair with wealth and fame. We need to go back to being champions of the poor and downtrodden, and stop working so hard to rub elbows with Hollywood and Washington power players.

I am not sure if anything needs to be "discarded," but we do need to begin policing ourselves. We simply must clean up not only our actions, but also the haughty and arrogant attitudes of our hearts when it comes to dealing with one another and the public. These are things that simply have to be addressed with a vengeance from inside the charismatic/Pentecostal community if we are to have an ongoing voice.

Get rid of most, but not all, contemporary "Christian" music, as it is worldly. Good, sacred, joyful, reverent praise and worship music is what young people need, not head-banging, rap, rock garbage. It breeds the very rebellion you seek to deliver them of. You never will as long as they have their idol: worldly music pretending to be Christian.
Sola Scriptora

Pocket Change

I was intrigued by "Feed the Shepherd" (May/June) by Ken Walker. I preach three or four consecutive weeks on tithing, alms and offerings every January. We also demonstrate trust in the congregation by ceasing to pass an offering plate and replacing it with offering boxes on the walls. It has worked beautifully. The income increased, and there is no mention of it for the other 11 months, except the monthly missions offering. The people love to say to their guests that our church is not after their money. Plus, we always have two-thirds or more who are fully tithing.
Francis P. Martin
Family Life Church
Lafayette, Louisiana

There are situations in which a pastor will need to rely upon another source of income to provide for his or her family. However, what that church will get is a part-time pastor. Many of us gave up financially secure careers in obedience to the ministry call. Unfortunately, you rarely hear about the large numbers of underpaid pastors, only the excesses of a few celebrity preachers.
from Ministries Today
Pastors' Discussion Board

While there may be a place and a time for monetary support (via money, food, etc.) to ministers, the idea of a structured institution with full-time pastors isn't found in Scripture. When money becomes a form of control over a pastor or over a fellowship of believers, the focus of that fellowship has gone askew.
from Ministries Today
Pastors' Discussion Board

The Africa Story

Many African churches do not pay their pastors, believing that the pastor should not depend on the church for any financial assistance. Instead, a pastor should engage himself in other business to sustain himself and his family. Many churches do not have enough money to pay their pastors. In conducting future research you should consider the situation on other continents so that your articles can benefit the whole body of Christ.
Martins Mofolade Jimoh
Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria

A Success Story

Our fellowship has released the fivefold ministries, and they work! Our whole church is centered on relationship with God, restoration of fellow believers back into the Father's house and bringing folks up in their gifts for the purpose of ministry. Our leaders do well because they are operating in their gifts--and it's obvious.
Louise Alleva
Coastal Worship Center
Darien, Georgia

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