Just wondering: Where is accountability?
Life as a pastor's kid, Pastor who triumphs over tragedy

What Accountability?

While I enjoyed most of the wisdom of Oral Roberts in the July/August cover story ("Secrets I Have Learned"), I must take exception with something he said in the Q-and-A section. In answer to the question on accountability, Roberts says, "In independent churches you probably find a few egocentric preachers who want to dominate and rule and do whatever they want to do."

Probably a few? Who is he kidding? The charismatic and Word-Faith movements are full of ego-driven pastors. Doesn't he watch Christian television?

When I see Roberts and others cry out against the excesses of wayward ministers and practice the biblical mandate, "Those who are sinning rebuke in the presence of all, that the rest also may fear" (1 Tim. 5:20, NKJV), then I will believe his words on accountability. Until then, it's, "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine."
Jeffrey Henning
Marietta, Georgia

Life as a PK

I purchased a copy of the July/August issue and loved the article about pastors' kids, "Under the Church's Watchful Eye," by Liz Eden. I got the magazine at 5 p.m. and read it cover to cover that evening. Great material! The family is under attack in the United States--even more so for families dedicated to serving God.
Tom Andrews, president
Preachers' Kids International

As a missionary kid serving as a tent-making missionary pastor, I have seen the dangers and problems you talk about. I forwarded an excerpt of this article to my two grown daughters, asking for their honest feedback.

My youngest daughter responded first, and asked that my wife and I also respond to it. In the process, my wife made a comment I think is very pertinent: "Every career has its demands; every father tends to bring work home from the workplace; and every child would like to spend more time with his or her father."

That is not to say people in ministry don't need to be very careful to shepherd their "first flock," but it is to say guilt trips and blame trips are equally destructive. At the same time, the spotlight from the congregation can be a uniquely stressing factor. May we all recognize the risks, take the pertinent advice and, above all, listen to our Father on how to be parents.
Jack Garrott
city withheld

Triumph Over Tragedy

Thank you for running the feature "When Tragedy Comes to Church" by Chris Maxwell. He was very honest, down to earth and practical in sharing his life experiences. His example of triumphing over tragedy is very encouraging. I appreciated his uplifting message of faith and hope.
Robert Russell
San Jose, California

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