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How the Assemblies of God Is Tackling the Millennial Challenge

In addition to a nurturing environment, the Assemblies of God is reaching a hands-on generation. (Children's Ministries Agency (Facebook)

As the world continues to vie for the attention of the younger generation, the Assemblies of God is one of the few U.S. denominations where young people are flocking.


3 Tips for ‘Gooder’ Discipleship


The lecturing model for teaching is a good one. However, find out why it’s better when you add hands on experience and observation.


Celebrating an Amazing Easter: Now What?

Easter Sunday service
How will you prompt people to return to your church? (Lightstock)

Now that Resurrection Sunday has come and gone, what are you doing to bring back your first-time guests or semiannual attenders on a regular basis?


Rick Warren on Easter: Three Crucial Jesus Decisions

Rick Warren
Rick Warren (Facebook)

As you preach, teach, and lead this weekend, allow the story of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection to help you call people to a life-altering decision.


3 Ways Your Church Facilities Communicate ‘You’re Not Welcome’

Worn down church
What does the condition of your church say about your attitude toward guests? (Lightstock)

When you open the doors of your church to guests, do you make sure you’ve at least cleaned up for them? Or do you let them think you simply don’t care?


An Easter Reminder: 8 Reasons People Aren’t Coming Back

What are you doing to help bring people back to your church?
What are you doing to help bring people back to your church?

Author and former worship pastor Greg Atkinson says if churches would do these eight things, they should see a greater return and higher percentage of second- and third-time guests.


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