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How Wide is Your Circle of Influence?

How far does your influence reach?
How far does your influence reach? (iStock photo)

What sphere of influence are you currently residing in? Is it intentional or unintentional?


How to Develop Leaders Instead of Followers

How is your church developing young leaders?
How is your church developing young leaders? (iStock photo)

Without leadership development, your ministry will plateau and eventually begin to decline. How is your church growing new leaders?


How to Foster a Creative Community in Your Church

Church artists
Do you encourage creativity among your church members? (Lightstock)

Are there unseen and unheard members of your church that have beautiful things to offer? How can you flush them out?


Relationship: The Key for Church Mergers

Godly pastor

Is your church stuck, in decline or simply not reaching its full potential? A merger might be the answer, but it takes work and agreement.


5 Keys to Keeping Volunteers Long Term

Children's ministry
How do you entice volunteers to stick around long term? (Lightstock)

Enticing volunteers to stick around for the long haul can be a challenging proposition. What's the secret?


Ministry Today 21:

Technology and innovation in Edmond, Oklahoma, sets the standard for churches in technology development and innovation. (

Throughout the month of May, will highlight Ministry Today magazine's 21 ministries and churches influencing the 21st-century church. The final installment is in Edmond, Oklahoma, which is influencing the 21st-century church through innovation and technology.


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