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10 Ways Churches Drive Away First-Time Guests

Church greeters
Is your church a guest-friendly church? (Lightstock)

Why do you suppose some first-time guests decide never to return to your church? Could one of these reasons be it?


2 Big Reasons Why People Reject Our Evangelism Efforts

Talk to the hand
There are legitimate reasons why some people don't want to hear the gospel from others. (IStock photo)

Always remember when you're spreading the gospel, conversion is not in your hands; it's in God's hands. Here's why some people simply won't believe what you're trying to tell them.


Pastor, Stop Worrying About the Back Door

Back door
(Free Digital Photos)

Isn't it about time to concern ourselves more with getting lost people through the front door of our church than stopping people from leaving?


Church Planting: How Will You Gather People?

Church planting
When planting a church, make sure to take advantage of these tips about how to gather people. (iStock photo)

If your church is in its beginning stages, here are some suggestions as to how you can attract people to your services.


What Does an Empowered Church Look Like?

(Wikimedia Commons)

A quick read through the book of Acts will more than answer that question.


15 Characteristics of Today’s Unchurched Person

Lost girl
Why are the unchurched not attending services? Some of the answers may surprise you. (iStock photo)

The people who do not attend church are more savvy about believers than you may think. Here's why you shouldn't sell them short.


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